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Go green sooner with ZEV Clean Power.

   Sustainable / Affordable

ZEV Clean Power: Sustainable & Affordable

ZEV Clean
Zero tailpipe emissions
Reduces noise & vibrations
Reduces maintenance
Reduces operating costs
Keeps bus out of landfill
  ZEV Clean
New Electric
Extends life of bus
Available in 6 months
Familiarity with existing bus
Less up-front investment
Accelerates fleet conversion

Repowering is the most environmentally friendly way to electrify your fleet.

  • Drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cuts noise and vibration in half, increasing rider comfort
  • ZEV Clean Power is 41% cheaper to operate than diesel
  • ZEV Clean Power extends the life of your bus by 50%
  • Available in less than 6 months with 50% less capital up front

ZEV Clean Power 3-Step Process.

Refurbishment Removal Repower


All buses require refurbishment at mid-life (8-10 years) due to corrosion and normal structural wear and tear.

This process extends the life of a bus at less than half of the cost of a new bus.

The teardown reveals which parts need repairing and which parts need replacing.

MTB has overhauled virtually every bus model on the road in North America.


We remove the diesel components:

  • Diesel engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • HVAC
  • Air compressor
  • Radiator system
  • Fuel tanks
  • Our unique experience lets us know what works and what doesn’t.


We then install the ZEV Clean Power components:

  • Electric motor
  • Electric Steering
  • Electric air compressor
  • Aux. coolant heater
  • Battery packs and cooling

   Bus Specifications

   Network Solutions

ZEV Clean Power Network Solutions

Going green is more than repowering a bus.

We can assist with:

  • Charging Solutions
  • Power-Grid Consulting
  • Construction
  • Route Analysis
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Staff Training
  • Maintenance

Learn as you go.

Consider starting with one or two buses. By starting small, you build operational competence that lets you repower your fleet the way that works for you.

   MTB Facilities

Where we convert your buses to ZEV Clean Power.

MTB Transit Solutions operates in a 106,000 square foot facility with 61 bays, spread out over 10 acres.

Located in Milton, Ontario, Canada, MTB is ideally set up to service municipally owned transit operators.

MTB is a one stop shop for all your bus needs.

  • ZEV Clean Power Repowering
  • Refurbishment
  • Repair (collision & fire)
  • OEM modifications
  • Upgrades and warranty
  • Sales and service.

   MTB Experience

We’re your ZEV Clean Power team.

We are North America’s Leading Repair, Refurb and Repower specialist.

We have a 45+ year history defined by an untiring pursuit of complete customer satisfaction.

Our customers are government-owned transit authorities, bus manufacturers (OEMs), and private coach companies. We understand the need for on-time and flawless delivery.

We have over 55 skilled workers, including some of the best mechanics, welders and expert technicians in the industry.

The quality of our people shows in the quality of our work. Ask us about ZEV Clean Power today.


ZEV Clean Power project

MTB Transit Solutions is excited to announce the completion of our ZEV Clean Power bus that has been converted from diesel propulsion to battery electric. The bus is great for the environment and more economical to operate than a diesel bus.

Learn more about the benefits we are bringing across Canada by contacting ZEV Clean Power

March 16, 2022

Minister of Infrastructure Meeting

On December 1, 2020, MTB Transit Solutions President Gara Hay sat down with Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna, the MP for Halifax Andy Fillmore and the MP for Newmarket-Aurora Tony Van Bynen to discuss our ZEV Clean Power Program and how the initiative can bring tremendous benefits to communities across Canada and helps transit operators achieve their GHG reduction goals quicker!

Learn more about the benefits we are bringing across Canada by contacting ZEV Clean Power

Big Talk with guest speaker Gara Hay, President of MTB Transit Solutions, at the 21:00 mark
Listen to "Big Talk - Episode 28 - Same old? Same old!" on Spreaker.


Monumental step for ZEV on their electrical bus operating on its own battery power!

Aug 17, 2021
ZEV Clean Power - A new initiative from MTB Transit Solutions

Aug 17, 2021

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